Sample Surveys

The main project outputs include the implementation of two sample surveys of the Roma population, which will provide data on the socio-economic situation of the Roma population in the Czech Republic.

Sample survey is a quantitative method of sociological research that infers the situation in the entire population based on information about a sample of the studied population.

Every implementation of survey includes: (theoretical) construction of a sample, a method of sample selection, setting of indicators and variables that will be monitored, preparation of a tool for data collection (questionnaire), addressing individuals from the surveyed population in the field, data collection and its analysis.    

Data collection, in the cooperation with the project research team, is carried out by an external entity selected based on public procurement.

The first sample survey was conducted in 2022. We provide below a draft of the results obtained from the first survey on the situation of the Roma population in the Czech Republic. Please note that results are available only in Czech.  

Currently, the preparation for second wave of sample survey is under way, during which the selected methodological approaches will be verified. The results will be available at the beginning of 2024.